Will Fields - Portfolio

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Three American Bison (Buffalo) a bull, cow and calf trudge through the snowy grass along the edge of the cooking hillside.
The moon rises as the sun sets at Cape Tribulation on Australia's northern coast. Queensland, Australia.
A stand of Orange Tulips in the late afternoon sun.
A heavy storm lashes the lighthouse and pier at Grand Haven, MI.
A mature fir tree stands covered in a rare hoar frost.
A rare Hoar Frost stands on a fence post and wires.
An island in a foggy river.
A male Sandhill Crane flys over scouting the area for predators.
Sandhill Cranes and Autumn Leaves.
The Mackinac Bridgestands in fog in the golden light of sunrise.
An alligator lies in the grass on the riverbank in the everglades.
A glistening tree stands in front of a mountain as the late afternoon sun breaks through a slow drizzle of rain.This is a digitized image from a color transparency.
The Yellowstone river rushes over rapids through the mineral stains walls of the Yellowstone Grand Canyon below the lower falls. Photo taken near Artist Point.
A dirt road through the grasslands.
A red fox stares intently at what will soon be dinner.
broken tree branches and moss block the flow of a steam as it rushes over rocks.
The lower falls of the Yellowstone River
Water swirls against the moss covered rock as snow falls at the brink of the lower falls on the Yellowstone river.
The lower valley of the Grand Canyon below and east of Isis Temple from Yavapai Point. South Rim of the Grand Canyon at sunset.
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